Cassandra Drysdale-Crown

In 1993, Ms. Drysdale-Crown earned a triple major bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University. In 1997, after four years of providing counseling services to families, Ms. Drysdale-Crown entered law school at the Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University, where she earned a Juris Doctor in CADC 3.12.14December 2000. She sat for and passed the Michigan bar examination in July 2001, a mere four days before the birth of her first child, and became a member of the Michigan Bar Association in January 2002. Ms. Drysdale-Crown’s experience includes over two years employed as a project coordinator (attorney) for the Michigan State Supreme Court, State Court Administrative Office, court-rule certified mediator. She has represented individuals and entities involved in class action lawsuits, federal and state criminal appeals, bankruptcy, general civil litigation, estates, trusts, divorce, custody, as well as defending parents involved with children protective services. Ms. Drysdale-Crown is a member of the Federal Bar Association for the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan, as well as a member of the U.S. Bankruptcy Bar associations for the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan.