Charles Kronzek

Charles Kronzek first wanted to be a lawyer when he was 6 years old. Along the path to becoming a founding partner at Kronzek & Cronkright PLLC (now The Kronzek Firm PLC), Charles took a route with many twists and detours. As it turns out, most of them have been life experiences that have proven valuable to his law firm’s clients.

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CMK 2.28.14

Brandy Thompson


Brandy Thompson’s goal is to help her clients through a difficult time whether it be a divorce, custody battle, or dealing with Children’s Protective Services. She understands that cases can be complicated and messy but she strives to work hard and get the best result possible for each and every client.

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John English


John English is one of our most experienced trial attorneys. He is an expert criminal defense attorney and has worked at The Kronzek Firm for approximately 10 years, representing our clients in some very difficult cases. He has a long list of not guilty verdicts, dismissals, reduced charges and no-jail results for our clients. John also has an amazing record representing our clients in driver’s license restoration. John can be reached directly at

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Kyle Debruycker

Kyle grew up in Southeast Michigan with an intense desire to help those in need. With close family members who have special needs, Kyle understands that unique situations require proper advocacy, leading him to develop a passion for the law. Attorneys choose the law for various reasons. Kyle chose the law to further his devotion to helping others.

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Rebecca Kerr


Rebecca spent over 20 years teaching special and general education K-12 before began practicing law. This experience gives her a fresh perspective on families and the needs of their children. That is why her goal is to resolve family law cases with minimal damage and reach settlements whenever possible. She will be your strongest advocate and approaches every case with compassion and understanding.

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