Charles Kronzek

March 10, 2014 john

Charles Kronzek first wanted to be a lawyer when he was 6 years old. Along the path to becoming a founding partner at Kronzek and Cronkright PLLC (now The Kronzek Firm PLC), Charles took a route with many twists and detours. As it turns out, most of them have been life experiences that have proven valuable to his law firm’s clients.

Charles has been involved in countless business ventures ranging from real estate investor and restaurant owner to owner of a dry cleaning plant and involvement in the entertainment industry. He also graduated from the police academy, traveled internationally as a management consultant and is CMK 2.28.14a husband, parent and grandparent. Many and varied are the life experiences adding to the skills that Charles brings to the table for his clients.

Through and through, Charles is a litigator. Not only is he a tough trial attorney, he is a relentless and skilled negotiator. He has helped thousands of our clients get great results, in and out of court. One of the most amazing things about his practice is the steady stream of referrals from his former clients. Even more amazing is the steady stream of referrals from people who lost after facing his skill in court.

On a personal note, Charles loves Michigan but hates winter. He escapes the cold winter weather in Michigan with brief jaunts to warmer climates in the south. Charles used to swim competitively so he loves the water, as long as it’s warm. When the weather is nice, Charles enjoys spending time working in his yard and being outside. He spends much of his spare time pursuing his favorite activity – hanging out with his family and especially his grandkids.

He also loves learning. It doesn’t matter what he’s learning, but his goal is to learn something new and useful every day. That often involves reading about the law, litigation, trial techniques and running a law firm. He works hard to stay current on developments in the law that affect our clients. He has been retained to represent other attorneys, teachers, physicians, accountants, police officers, business owners, psychologists and clients with substantial assets. He accepts new clients in the lower peninsula of Michigan.