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Michigan CSC/Rape Defense Attorneys

service4It is hard being accused of a crime that you did not commit. Unfortunately, it happens every day.   If it happens to you, you are going to want the help of the best attorney you can find.  Fortunately, help is available.  At the outset, you should know that it is almost always a mistake to talk to police or any other investigators without your attorney present.  Sometimes, it is a very big mistake to talk to investigators with your attorney present.  You need to be working with an attorney who understands how to defend a sex crime, who has taken these cases to trial and won, and who understands your case.  Anything less may result in you being very dissatisfied with the outcome.

The Kronzek Approach

Our sex crimes defense attorneys have spent the better part of two decades perfecting the art of defending difficult cases.  We have won "not guilty" verdicts in cases where the government presented DNA evidence, child witness testimony, and forensic interview experts.  We have won cases with more than one “victim” and cases where family members firmly believed the accusations.  We have done so by working hard to educated ourselves, working closely with our clients, working closely with trial consultants and expert witnesses, fine tuning our trial skills, and by using a team approach to defend our clients.

The Stakes Are High

Even some murder cases have less consequences that some of the Criminal Sexual Conduct cases that we defend.  The stigma in the community and the bias in the system are difficult to overcome.  Let’s face it, the defense of sex crimes cases is not a job for the timid, the weak or the incompetent.  Our attorneys have thousands of hours of training and trial experience focused on defending the most difficult cases – sex crime cases.  You cannot afford less than the best.

How Much Will It Cost for Good CSC Defense?

Every case is different.  We evaluate cases very carefully and quote a fee that is fair.  This does not always work out for us, but we keep our word.  In most cases, we charge a flat fee after our initial consult so that you know what the commitment is going in.  We understand that not everyone can afford us.  We understand that Michigan prisons are full of people who were poorly defended in sexual assault, CSC or statutory rape cases.  This is not the time to settle for less.  We will work with you and your family to try to find a way to make the financial commitment work for you.  The sad reality is that many people go under-represented in criminal cases in Michigan.  Let’s see if we can avoid that for you.