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A single drunk driving or drugged driving ticket can change your life.  The loss of a career, the loss of a driver’s license, a permanent criminal record, jail time, fines, court costs, probation can all result from a single conviction.  Kronzek & Cronkright offers our clients solutions to the difficult problems presented by most Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Operating While Impaired (OWI) tickets.  It is never to late to seek a good defense to your case. The sad reality is that Michigan criminal defense attorneys have not responded well to our increasingly difficult laws related to drugs and alcohol.  Unfortunately, most lawyers will not even try to defend you, choosing instead to look for a plea bargain in the first instance.

My Attorney Wants Me to Plead Guilty

All cases and all clients are worth defending.  If you are not happy with the job your attorney is doing, act quickly.  First, try to talk to the attorney about how you feel.  In our firm, we offer every client the opportunity to review their case with the firm partners.  The law is continuously getting harsher, but that is not a reason to abandon your defense.  We have extensively trained expert drunk driving attorneys who know how to defend a difficult case.  If you need to change attorneys, we can help.  We have years of experience finding defenses that our clients might not have thought about.

  • Did the officer have a good reason to stop you in the first place?

  • Were field sobriety tests done correctly?

  • What does the cruiser video show?

  • What do eye witnesses have to say?

  • Were your Constitutional rights violated?

  • Is the PBT correctly calibrated?

  • Were blood test procedures properly followed?

  • Is the Datamaster breath test machine at the jail working correctly

  • Are police or sheriff officials lying about anything?

  • Is there any police misconduct?

  • Was any search done illegally?

We will carefully examine these and many more issues in your case.  We are determined to leave no stone unturned in our efforts.  By being thorough, well trained, experienced drunk driving defense attorneys, we are able to help our Michigan clients avoid jail and other consequences of DUI and OUI cases.

Should I Defend My Case If I Really was Drunk?

The short answer is “Yes!”  We firmly believe that good things happen when we defend our clients.  Don’t ever settle for an attorney that has no plan to defend you.  The best results generally come to prepared and competent trial attorneys who are fighting hard for their clients.

We have a web site dedicated to sharing information about drunk driving defense.  It will be worth your while to check it out.