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Michigan’s Best Criminal Defense Attorneys

You cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to defending a criminal charge in Michigan. Michigan has some of the harshest penalties for crimes in the country and prosecutors aggressively pursue lengthy sentences in both misdemeanor and felony cases.Without a strategic defense plan and a competent, experienced defense attorney team, the chances of conviction are high. Our commitment to excellent representation means that we practice law different than many criminal defense attorneys. Consider our approach:


  • We work in teams.  You will get a defense team, not just the help of a single overworked attorney.
  • We stay current on the law that matters to you.  Virtually every day, there are changes in the law that affect you.  This may be changes made by the legislature, new case law, new Michigan Court Rules, and even new local procedures.  Your attorney has a difficult task of always being current on the law that affects you.
  • We have access to an extensive network of expert witnesses.  Our attorneys are experts, but there are times when you need to add expert witnesses to the team as well.  There is an extensive list of experts that could help your case, but these are decisions that you will make with us.
  • You are on the team.  We will listen to your ideas and give you ours.  We will take your phone calls.  Our attorneys will return your call promptly if they were not available.  We will read our e-mails from you and respond.  Your full participation is essential to the outcome.  Welcome to the team!

We Defend Every Major Crime in Michigan

Our attorneys have extensive expertise. We defend countless clients in both state and federal courts in Michigan. We defend against allegations of drug crimes, drunk driving, sex crimes, assault crimes, theft and property crimes. For your benefit, we have provided extensive information which may help you on our various web sites:

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